Smith and Wesson, American firearms producer primarily based in Springfield, Massachusetts. The partnership was once first centered in 1852 by using Horace Smith (1808–93) and Daniel B. Wesson (1825–1906) in Norwich, Connecticut, to make lever-action Volcanic repeating handguns firing caseless self-consuming bullets.

The American Civil War made s&w; Wesson a main revolver manufacturer. Its introduction in the 1870s of large-frame “break-top” revolvers (“breaking” the revolver at a hinge in the front of the set off shield uncovered the rear of the cylinder) that fired more-potent cartridges created commercial enterprise in the American West and round the world.

Smith and Wesson, Wesson later provided lots of swing-out cylinder “hand ejector” revolvers to police forces round the world as nicely as to the Americans and the British in World War I and the Allies in World War II. During the twentieth century the organization additionally developed a wide variety of famed cartridges, together with the .357 and .44 magnum rounds. In the mid-1950s Smith and Wesson; Wesson added its first semiautomatic pistol (Model 39), which inaugurated quite a few generations of self-loading handguns.

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