Founded in 1939 as a tool-and-die forging factory, Taurus elevated to producing firearms in 1941. The first was once the Model 38101SO, a .38-caliber revolver. By 1968, The company was once exporting its revolvers to the U.S. market. In 1971, Bangor Punta Corporation, Smith & Wesson’s then-parent company, bought majority possession of Forjas Taurus that led to the two firearm producers to shared designs and manufacturing technology. In 1977, Forjas got here below new possession that divorced Taurus’ relationship with Smith & Wesson.

Taking a step again three years, Italy-based Beretta gained a contract in 1974 to produce small palms for the Brazilian army. However, the contract required Beretta to construct a manufacturing facility in Brazil and employ Brazilian labor. The contracts have been done in 1980, leaving Beretta with a manufacturing plant in SãoPaulo they offered to the company.
There is no legal big-game hunting in Brazil, though there is an increasing interest in gun collecting and competition shooting.

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